About us

Canada being a multicultural country attracts visitors from various parts of globe. In fact, one of the main advantages of Canadian law is its support for multicultural society. People from all across the globe have settled in Canada. Multiculturalism provides many benefits such as ethnic and racial harmony, improved trade relations, encouragement to cultural understanding and a secular country. People from myriad choose to live together and constitute a society. This further gives encouragement to racial tolerance and beats down hatred. Violence also tends to decrease in multicultural societies since people are more accepting of a foreign culture.

With multi-cultural society in mind, we have launched a product aimed at visitors from across the world. Canadian government has introduced Super visa for parents and grandparents of Permanent residents/citizens of Canada. This allows the grandparents and parents to visit their children in Canada initially for six months. This period can further be extended to two years. The government has realized the pain of separation experienced by permanent residents and citizens by giving them the opportunity to invite their parents. As such, Super Visa insurance plans are going to sell like hot cakes. Welcome Canada provides economical Super visa Insurance plans, travel insurance plans and visitor insurance.

At Welcome Canada, we are always looking for partners to help us increase our marketing efforts. Super Visa insurance is a frat opportunity for insurance agents and advisors. We seek to increase our base in the Canadian insurance industry through insurance professionals. Our policies are characterized by economical prices and great benefits. So, growth is instant and career prospects are bright.

Welcome Canada is looking for insurance agents from multiple ethnicities and racial background to join us. This expands our customer base and also opens new avenues for insurance agents in their community. Diversity is encouraged at Welcome Canada so that more and more communities can invite their parents and grandparents in Canada and experience a life with them. Also, advisors from diverse communities breaks the language barrier and promotes equality. Customer service is taken to whole new level when diverse ethnic groups come together to work in the insurance sector. All the doubts and queries are handled easily and Super Visa insurance is marketed easily. Also, our Super visa insurance quotes are competitive and offer the best features in the insurance realm. Our policies are tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse communities.

Welcome Canada offers a top-of-the-line insurance product for super visa with great price and advantages. Call us and get a free quote instantly. To join us as Insurance Advisor, fill out our form and we will contact you immediately.